Accepted Papers

Jonah Warren: The Behavior Pioneers Application: An Intentional Community Prototype

Assia Alexandrova, Lucia Rapanotti, Ivan Horrocks: RE-PROVO: An Evaluation of Gamification in a Law Enforcement Organization

Bernd Hollerit, Kenji Tanaka, Helmut Prendinger: Contribution of affordances to gamification

Gustavo Tondello, Lennart Nacke: Gamification Research: a 50-years Retrospective from PBLs Towards Conscious Evolution

Alessia Calafiore, Amon Rapp: Gamifying the city pervasive game elements in the urban environment

Lal Bozgeyikli, Andrew Raij, Srinivas Katkoori, Redwan Alqasemi: Effects of Environmental Clutter and Motion on User Performance in Virtual Reality Games

Seamus F. Forde: Including Non-Users and Public Perception in Future Gamification Research